Friday, January 26, 2018

Of Night Photography...

I love photography and it my hobby since I retired some twenty over years ago. If fact it a passion. Now that I could afford to get better camera; starting from the normal Digital camera then move on to the DSLR and now to the Mirrorless Camera it does made easier to do photography, my way. I now own the Canon EOS M10 and M05 with an additional Telephoto lens the 200mm. I give all the DSLR which heavy to my grandson to play around. The Mirrorless camera is much lighter with interchangeable lens which is much easy to carry along. Thus, I am always with my cameras to capture the best as I know how. I am still learning the best way to do photography and happy with the new knowledge that I acquire along the way. About is an image that I took using the Canon EOS M10. It sorts of a night photography that I did last year. That picture is taken from a moving car in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy it folks much as I had enjoyed taking that image. 

Have a nice day.
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