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The books...

I am always a regular to my favourite bookstore, the Kinokuniya at KLCC.  Because of the pendemic and the MCO it became difficult to get to the store to get books. Lucky I had bought many before the lock down, so there was plenty to keep me occupied. After almost a year I had read them all. So last Monday I went there and got a numbers of books to keep me busy reading.  In looking for books to read among the thousands that are on  displayed in the store I left to my intuition to select books to read. I always believed that books looks for its reader and not the other way around, just like buying a good furniture. So this times after almost a year I picked up at random, glance at the brief writen at the back cover and then read a little from the beginning of the page. When I felt good about it I select it to buy. So on that day I selected 5 books as seen above. I have starts reading one and found it to be a good read indeed. Well folks like is like that. 
Have a nice day.


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This is my first blog posting since the new year of 2021 and today is already the 21st day of the new year. See how time fly. Let me me starts by saying Alhamdulillah for the family.. the Idrus Clan move forward with an addition to the family. On 7.1.2021 our second great grandchildren was born, a baby girl to our second granddaughter. With that now we have two Cicit (great granddaughter) We became  Moyang (Great grandparents) on the  21. 6. 2018 when we were blessed with the first Cicit from our eldest cucu (granddaughter) The first cicit is named Ayra and the new arrival is Nadaa. Folks of my generation would never dream in seeing such names but our grandchildren knew what they are doing by giving their babies meaningful and beautiful names. Coincidentally their Nenek, our eldest daughter retired on 5.1.2021 after 30 years of service at UKM. And it looks like a good timing for she would have a great time in helping to nurture these babies in their early years of developme

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