Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another day...

Woke up to a wet morning. It rain last night and I love the rain. It’s nostalgic and it brought back the memories of my childhood days growing up in Kuantan, a pristine coastal town on the east coast of Malaya. It always rain there and at time it rains cat and dog all days long. At the end of the years the North East Monsoon would bash the east coast state with rain for months. Bringing flood and kept the atmosphere cool. In those days even the coconut oil would solidified. That how cold it was then but now it no longer so.  To us kids it was fun and we would bathe in the rain enjoy the shower care less of the world around us. Enjoying all the time. 

This morning after the rain had stop I did some gardening at the back of the house; planting a few Egg plants seedling into a bigger pots so that it would grow better. Living in the city where we do not have space all the planting are done in pots. Gardening is a passion of mine so we have two garden, one at the back of the house where we plants vegetables and herbs and the Nona tree. At present the Nona [Custard Apple] tree is full of fruits. This garden is taken care of by my spouse.  It her way of enjoying the time in the early part of the morning. As for me I would concentrate on the garden at the front of the house where I had planted greens and flowers to add color to the small patio of the house. This one I call my Little Garden. It is in this garden that I get to watch the beautiful fresh greens every morning. The first thing I did is to get ready the food for the Bird Feeder where I see to it that there are enough foods there for the Birds and other small animals like the Squirrel that comes to feed regularly. After putting the food on the Feeder I would feed the fishes in the small fishpond there. It is nice to see all the fishes waiting for its food every morning. I then attend to the little garden. It is a daily ritual that I enjoyed. After that I would put thing back at the Serambi, things that I had taken into the house for safe keeping at night. Other things that are left outside like the cushions that I had covered overnight so that it would not get dirty since cats often roam there at night are placed back in its places at the patio/Serambi. After getting the patio and the Serambi in place and look good I would then go and take my bath. Well folks life is like that in the golden years and I am enjoying it. 

Have a nice day.

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