Sunday, July 5, 2015


Yes I am talking about password. It is about the password that we now could not live without especially in the virtual world. It is so important that we are ask to keep it as a secret in our head all the time so that others could not go into that personal space of ours in the virtual world like Email, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and the like. Those space or wall are ours and no one else are allows unless we allows them which most of us seldom do or share. It is a very private place that at time we ourselves could not get in simply because we forgot our password and had to ask the relevant agencies to help us get that password again and then get into our own space. We could change that password as many times as we like but then if we do that the chance of us forgetting the Password would be more than we would bargain for. It is the same with the Banking system in the physical world we need to have Password which down here is call the Pin Number. Without that we would not be able to interact with the ATM to get our money. Unless we go to the teller and face the normal humanoid behavior; with us having to fill the form, put our signature and thumbprint before we could get our cash. And most of the time it takes a longer time. With the ATM it is just in a breeze to get our cash. But we need a Password to key in to get that cash or do any other transactions. Without the Password or the Pin Number nothing would happened.

The Password or Pin Number are secret that you alone should know and folks that is where the problem begin, like when you are sick and unable to go to the ATM or to type your Password onto your computer. In Blogging more often blogger became close friend and when there is a long pause in blogging or replying to a comment in a posting, the situation became unreal. Blogger would begin to wonder why there was no respond to his/her comment and that may lead to other worries. Folks in their golden years often faced with problem of forgetfulness in that they often forget this and that. That is what happens when you forget your Password and found that you could not open your email account or to Blog or Facebook or whatever you are doing in the virtual world. It soon became a nightmare for old folks like me who at time forget. 

There are instances where I leave my spec for a while and then in mere minutes I could not remember where I put it. Forgetfulness is quite common among folks in their golden years. The is true folks, I had to look around and indeed it became sort of a nuisance and that is what I call forgetful in old age and yet we were told to keep our Password a secret. I thought and thought about this and decided that I must tell others of my Password and Pin Number and a few years ago I decided to share my password with the other member of the family. At the same time I wrote the entire Password in a small book that I kept within reach of everyone in the family.  So that if I ever forget I could always ask someone to help. 

Folks this might sound trivial but the recent happening in the virtual world where we lost contact with friends prove that it is important that we share our Password with others in the family.  So that the nightmare that many of us went through to find out what has happens to a friend who was silence in the virtual world could be avoided. Had that friend share his/her Password with a member of his family, the reason of his silence could have been made know to his entire friend in mere seconds. Thus avoid the agony that the many of us went through some time ago where in the end after a frantically search in the Internet we found out that friend of ours had actually passed away. In another recent case it was found that friend was hospitalized. This was possible because the Blogger's children knew of the password and with that managed to post a short notice of their dad's been sick. So as this kind of happening does not repeat itself I would suggest that fellow blogger and FB friends share their Password with their family and treat that as a solemn secret in the family. 

Have a nice day.


Lee said...

Hello Pak Idrus, how you doin'? Yes, what you so eloquently posted betul, re passwords. Same time as age catches up, ada lecheh juga sometimes, like in your case where you left your glasses, ha ha, kita lupa.
And I have 5 passwords, semua stengah batu panjang.....

But to share passwords with family, ini la in my case habis cherita....ha ha ha. Chari pasal!
Pak Idrus, always enjoy read your interesting postings.
You keep well, best regards.

Pak Idrus said...

Lee, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting. I am OK, enjoying life in my golden years. At this age of 75 + year I thoughts it best that my Password are there for all the others in the family to see. There are nothing to hide so it is OK lah.

Have a nice day.

Sherynn Ooi said...

Not to say golden age folks like our smart Pak Idrus here forget where he puts his specs. In my middle age also, all day looking for something and trying to remember where I last left it :p