Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beautiful thoughts from a young Doctor....

Folks, these are beautiful thoughts from our eldest granddaughter Afiqah Aminuddin who just graduated [July 7, 2015] as a Medical Doctor from the University of Manchester.

Afiqah Aminuddin's photo.
" Well its goodbye for now, Manchester. You have taught me so many things i never knew. I did not just earned a degree in Medicine, it was more than that.

I learnt to grown up, i learnt to take care of myself, i learnt to be away from my family and persevered with it, i learnt that this world is such a scary place to live in, i learnt to treasure friends who love me for who i am and move on from those who dont.I learnt that people do change from living abroad, having different lives from before they came here, but im glad i am still the same.

I learnt when to trust and not to trust, and I learnt to never expect of what u give. I learn that sometimes sensibility is a very rare character of a human being, I learned to forgive easier, i learnt to love and care for people, more wisely. Most of all, i learnt to appreciate all things i had in life before I came here.

So for now my time is done here, ive decided to come home and serve my country, to give back and to be closer to my loved ones. I know some of you might call me silly for not choosing the UK to work/ settle down, or warning me that i would regret this decision i made, just dont worry guys, i just have this feeling that going home would be better for me 😉.

So bye bye Manchester, thank you for all of those bittersweet memories, the experiences, which made me the person I am today. Alhamdulillah.

Okay! touchy feely stuff over, now wheres this SPA, KKM form i have to fill in?😅 "


Sherynn Ooi said...

Your daughter is so pretty :)

Pak Idrus said...

Sherynn Ooi Thanks for your visit and sharing your thoughts here.

BTW She is my granddaughter. Her mom is our eldest daughter.