Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Little Magic of Penang....

Sometime in March last year I went to Penang. It was my first visit after a long time. Although it was just a two days visit I did enjoy it. I got a lift from my daughter and since they could not stay longer I just follow them back the next evening. It was just a night and a day trip that rekindle old memories when I would go to Penang from time to do my official works. While there I took this image of the Pigeon and the Trishaw that add color to my short visit there. Enjoy this image folks much as I had enjoyed snapping it at that moment in time. 

Have a nice day.

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Ciaara T. Paen said...

What a sense of loss if less of the world come to visit your blog! Each story told from the heart.
I was born a Penangite and went back as a tourist in May 2015 and all I saw was some jetties (for the artist pictures etched on plywood walls), less than mouth watering Chinese food from jetty roadside shop, mass cooked asam laksa at Ayer Itam and muddy coloured sea water. Somebody asked what is the government doing about restraining dirty water from flowing into the sea (in broad daylight!) as selling Penang's beautiful beaches is now a lost cause.
So, the saving grace of Penang Island for that moment was Penang Hill, the site where Indian Summer was filmed; now into Season 2.