Sunday, July 26, 2015

Of Dinning...

We are in the golden years and enjoying it. At this age what better things to do than to continue to enjoy life as we move on. Among other things we would go for fine dine from time. To me eating and fine dine are two different things. Eating is just when you are hungry and it could be done anywhere. As long as one is no longer hungry it considered done. It about filling your stomach and nothing else. But in fine dine it a different story altogether. One go for fine dine to enjoy the time more than the food. It about a complete enjoyment of space, time, the ambiance, the company, the service and of course the food. It not about the cost which in most case cost more to eat the same thing in a Fine Dine restaurant than in a Food Court or at a roadside stall. It about a total enjoyment and that is why I would be happy to pay more for the same food in a fine dine restaurant. It a way of pampering ourselves and enjoying every minutes of it. 

Let me share my experience of what happened just a few days ago [July 22, 2015] at an up-class restaurant in a shopping mall nearby. After having a great time at Ikea we decided not to have lunch there but instead proceed to a mall in the city and enjoy our lunch. Our eldest granddaughter was with us. After parking the car we went to the concourse since I wanted to go to the bank first. My spouse quip that why not try the new restaurant and me without thinking much agreed. I told them to proceed to that restaurant while I go to the bank. After got my business done at the bank I proceed to the restaurant and found that my spouse and our granddaughter are already sitting in the restaurant and looking at the menu. Since this is the first time there it takes sometime before we got grasp of the concept of eating there. To makes thing easy I left to my spouse and our granddaughter to select the dishes and make the order. And then we wait for the order to arrive. After sometime while we were chatting a Waiter came and told me that the Vegetable dish that we ordered is not available. It does surprise me since there are only three dishes of Vegetable side dish in the menu. So without much thought we order a replacement which is on the menu and wait. Then a while later another Waiter came and told us that the one we had just order is not available too. That actually upset me. How come such a posh place like this restaurant at such an early hours was short of supply to prepare what is already in the menu. It does spoils our day of having a good time at this restaurant. At this moment in time the whole idea of us having a good time is damaged and we find there are no point to continue to have lunch there. 

We told the waiter to cancel our order and we walked of disappointed. How come such a posh place like this is so bad in their management and public relation I am just wondering? Where was the manager who should be there to explain to us instead of just asking the Waiter to do the job? Obviously this is a public relation disaster. We are the customer and as the saying goes the customer is always right! Or has the concept changed; I am wondering as well. We then went to another restaurant and had a wonderful time there enjoying our lunch in a beautiful ambiance without any hitch. Image on the left above is one of the dish we had at the restaurant; it taste as great as it look.

Well folks a good brand is not necessary good unless it is managed professionally. This is Kuala Lumpur and the culture is different here than in the other cities in other countries. So it is best for everyone sake that one appreciate the culture of the country in dealing with their customers. In this case it not just about eating and the cost, it about having a good time over lunch. 

Have a nice day anyway.

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