Saturday, July 11, 2015

Life in the City....

This month being Ramadan and that the Eid Fitri fall on the July 17 Government officers and Pensioners get paid on July 8th. This month we get an extra of RM250, half of the special payment that the government officers get this month. I have no complain since my pension is good. Both my spouse and I are pensioner thus both of us get a monthly pension. With no debt and the kids are on their own the pension are all ours to spend. Since getting the payment early this month I decided to pay all my Utilities bills, Astro, Unifi and other monthly bills which amount to almost one thousand ringgit early as well. This will avoid me from using the money on other things and would burst my monthly budget. Without that one thousand ringgit the house would not run. That mean every months one thousand ringgit is gone before paying for the food and other needs like new clothing and travel.  I am lucky that I have no debt and that my car and house are fully paid. That folks is the cost of living in the city. 

Have a nice day. 

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