Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bottle-Brush Flower..

In photography we learn all the times. Its an art that continue to evolve as we move on with new equipments and knowledge. In the past before the coming of the Digital Camera we are restricted to taking the maximum of 36 image with a roll of film thus we are careful and selective to take photo because it costly to take more. Today with the Digital Camera we can take as many photo as possible limit only with the memory with had on the card. It is amazing how the evolution of picture taking has gone through in the last 25 years. We learn new technique of how to get a good picture. Two years ago I bought a new Telescopic lens which could be converted into a Micro Lens with just a switch for doing Macro Photography. I did not know that it was possible to do Macro Photography with a telescopic lens not until a friend show me of how he managed to get a close-up of objects that is at a distance with his telescopic lens. I had been doing Macro Photography with my Micro Lens and the result always looks amazing. Using the Micro Lens one had to be close to the object. It is all right when taking the image of just the flowers but if one want to get the activities of insects with the flower it would not be that easy as the insect would normally fly away when one get close to it. With this new lens I could do Macro Photography from a distance. I tried my new lens and shot some flowers from far away using the Micro Lens mode of the Telescopic lens and the result is as amazing. Above is an image of the Bottle-Brush flower that I had taken from a distance of some five meters away. The image shows the flower at close range with the insects enjoying it morning meal sucking nectar of the flower. With this new lens I could do more Macro Photography of flowers and other objects from afar. The result would surely be more interesting. 

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