Saturday, June 13, 2015

Minor Repairs of House...

A house need regular maintenance so that it always in good condition. At time minor renovation had to be done like replacing old woodwork that had worn out or rots. Paint do fade as years goes by so to keep the house in a proper way minor repairs here and there had to be done. Otherwise one had to go for major repair and that would cost lots of money. So it is better to maintain the house and keep it clean and tidy all the time. One of the major problem is termite and it not that easy to get rid of it. Only vigilant and proper maintenance could get rid of it. So as not to have to incur a heavy cost of up keeping of the house I do take care of regular maintenance and minor repair from time to time. This time the ceiling and woodwork had to be replaced and repair as well painted again. For this purpose I got an Indonesian worker who live nearby to do the works. So far he has done a relative good job of the minor repair to the ceiling. 

Have a nice day.
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