Monday, June 29, 2015

That Squirrel; Jatoq!...

Some years ago we took in a sick baby Squirrel that had fallen from a tree and nursed it to a healthy baby. It then grow bigger by days and became tame and friendly. We name it Jatoq a Malay words which mean Fall. As it grow bigger we soon found that we could no longer let it live at our little garden in front of our patio. Afraid that it may be caught by other bigger animals we decided to move it to a bigger compound at our daughter's house nearby. We were sad to part with it but because of its safety we had to move it to a safer area. It took to the new surrounding well and start running around but in evening would come back to its cage. As days goes by it did not return. We all felt very sad since we got somewhat emotionally attached to it but eventually we got to accept that it for its safety that we let it go and continue to live in its own habitat and not caged. A friends told us that animals often remember and it or its offspring would eventually return. A few months ago I saw an adult Squirrel grey in colour that look like Jatoq crawling at our garden and a few days later saw it again, this time climbing on the roof. I call it Jatoq! Jatoq!. It look at me and then move on. Then the next few days I saw it again or rather a smaller one at the garden eating at the feeder.  I was happy and told the family that our little Jatoq or its offspring had return. Now it came over regularly to feed at the feeder that I had hang in the little garden. I had created the Feeder to feed the Birds and the Brown Squirrel that comes often to feed at our little garden. Now with the additional visitors I had increase the amount of food that I put on the feeder. Above is the photo of the Jatoq offspring that I took a few days ago when it came to eat at the feeder and sharing it here for all to see. 

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