Friday, June 19, 2015

Of Old Age and Health....

They say that Health is Wealth. At this age I know it is true indeed. Like folks of my age [I am seventy five plus years old] and above we all can never tell when we would be down with some serious health problem. Like me I was having constant stomach ache and treat it just as a normal pain. With some ointment and patented medicine I get alright and did not worry too much. Then my daughter ask me to do a check-up which I did. After a numbers of checking by the medial professionals I was found to have Gallstone and it had to be removed. So on March 31 this year I went for a surgery and it was removed. Since then I am recuperating well but as yet to be back to normal. After the surgery I lost my appetite and only after almost three months did I gain back my appetite and the sense of taste. I lost 7 kilo of my weight and now had recovered by days. I no longer drive to the city, just kept to the vicinity of the house.

Yesterday I found a Blogger's friend through the latest posting by his children on his Blog has fallen sick too and now been treated at a Specialist Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Incidentally a week ago I was told by a friend in the neighbourhood that a mutual friend who live near my house was boarded to a Care Centre by his wife. So yesterday I went to the house and got more detail. His wife told me that she was not able to take care of him thus she decided to put him in a home Care Centre. I thought that was a good idea since the private Care Centre would be able to take care of him. In February a retired Army Officer and a close friend of mine got a stroke and was hospitalized for more than two months. Two week ago my spouse and I went to see him at his house in Bangsar. He look better but still learning of how to live a life after going through a stroke.  

So folks like all my friends I am taking it easy and hope that friends would understand that people at our age are no longer like before. I believe it takes time for folks of our age to totally recover; it does takes time.

Have a nice day anyway.


Yati WTL said...

Salam Pak Idrus,

May Allah grant you with better health.

Pak Idrus said...

Yati WTL , thanks for the visit and the kind words. Have a nice day.