Monday, June 15, 2015

Sharing my thoughts....

The reason I blog and use Facebook is that I want to share my thoughts as well exchange ideas and information. I felt that what better things to do at this age [I am now seventy five years old and a grandparent] than to share my experiences and knowledge so that others may benefit from it. In communicating with stranger in the virtual world I tried the way I know best to be nice and non-committed when I share my thoughts. I avoid getting emotional in any subject but there are times when emotion get in the way which to me is not good since we are stranger in the virtual world. When it came to this point I would try to leave the conversation or chat which would not lead anywhere and do anyone any good. So folks please understand that I am here just to help to ease your tension but never expect it more than that. By nature I love to banter on Facebook or in the comment column of Blog since doing that would help to keep my mental faculty healthy. That is why at time I spend time to reply to one to one request for an answer but remember it is just an intellectual discourse on the subject been discuss and  nothing more. When it getting to be too emotional for the one party I felt that it is time for me to quit exchanging ideas or bantering on the subject. It is best that we continue to be friend just like that in the virtual world. 

Have a nice day.

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