Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Healing Power of Water...

Inspired by this book 'The Hidden Messages of Water' by Marasu Emoto and reflecting on my long journey of life, I am writing this so as to open up our hearts and minds to the power of water in our lives. Water is very important to our survival; seventy percent of our body contain water so it is important to learn more about it and give due respect to it. On this book it all start with a conversation I had with Steven V-I Lee a fellow blogger some years ago. While having breakfast at a restaurant with my spouse and I Steven brought up the subject of this book. He say that I must read it and that he would send a copy to me when he gets back to the UK. When he return to the UK he send me the book and I start reading. As usual with me I analyses the content and after some soul searching I found that what the author Dr. Masaru Emoto say in this book is actually nothing new. The only different is that this doctor did many experiments with water to prove to the scientific world that there is more to the water than is known now. By itself it is a simple cure for all illness thus would give us the quality of life that we have always wanted. He has proven with scientific evidences that water is alive and that it reacts to command we give and by that could react to heal or cure sickness. You would understand more if you take the trouble to read this wonderful book. I am in no way promoting this book. I am doing this just to satisfied my curiosity as to the why water works in our body and its healing process. Now I am no longer skeptical but believe for a fact that water do have the power to heal. Let me give some of my experiences when I was growing up in the forties. At that time modern medicine was just beginning to take root in the society and doctor are mostly working at the government hospital or at the GP in town. In Kuantan there was only two GP and I believe it was the same in other towns. In the rural area there was no doctor all. 

For thousands of years we as a society had survived without modern medicine and relied only on our traditional healers like the Dukun, Pawang, and the Bomoh or for the Chinese their Sen Sai for healing and curing the sick. Every time someone get sick in our house we do not rush him/her to the hospital which in most cases is some kilometers away but we treat them at home in our own ways. In the case of our family there is the Dukun who live opposite our house. A respected man, a simple man who works with the local council for a living and at the same time act as our Dukun. I was just a small boy then and only know this man as Tok Yek. So every time someone get sick I would be ask to call Tok Yek. I would ran across the road and get to his house, told him to come over telling him that someone is sick and need his help and then I ran back to the house. In the meantime at the house my mother had already got everything ready for the use of the Dukun which consist of a Bowl of Fresh water, some Lime fruits, some Pop rice [bertih] an Incense burner and Sireh [Betel leaves]. A while later Tok Yek arrive; after checking the patient would then put incense on the  burner, take the Bowl of water and did the ritual of cutting the lime into two and placed it on the water with the Pop rice. He then studied contents in the Bowl of water. He took a glass of water, crystal clear water that come from the well near our house and then recites some words softly into the water [Jampi] and ask the patient to drink. After that he would take leave with some words of advice. He did this voluntarily and no payment is made. Mostly I notice that the patient got cured. So coming back to water, our traditional healer knew more about water than we care to appreciate. In this case what the Dukun give to drink is water that have been treated with an added value; a message to cure. Most of the time it the only treatment given to heal the sick or for the cure. Only after reading professor Masaru Emoto book that I realized and understood that the water indeed has the power to cure when treated and use in a right way for the treatment of the sick. In the practice of  the Traditional Malay Healer water is used in so many ways to purify, to heal and to cure the sick as in Jampi. Well folks that was the way then and now with modern medicine folks no longer relied solely on the traditional healer to cure the sick but I do believe that Water could help in the healing process of the sick if managed in a wise way as done by the traditional healer in the Malay society.

We are a spiritual being and there are so many things that we have yet to know and understand especially in the healing aspect of our being. Maybe this book would open up our minds to more possibilities that would give us a better understanding of what traditional healing process were and could do. I am indeed in depth to Steven for the gift of this book, that has is some ways open my mind to the new science of water and its power of healing. Some scientists are still skeptical about this finding so let us have an open mind on this as well. Now that science has proven that water does have a healing power we should use it with love and give due respect to it especially in the healing of the sick.

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