Saturday, June 6, 2015

Of Awang and I...

From the day I could remember Awang has always been my name. Everyone in the family and friends in the Kampong call me by that name. On the east coast of Malaya folks would call their first born boy Awang. It a tradition and tradition dies hard. Thus I am Awang and I respond to that name. A name that my mom and dad give me and I was happy with that until one fine morning my dad took me to start schooling at the Sekolah Melayu Teruntun [Malay School] in Kuantan in January 1946 just after the war end. At the school I was registered as Idrus and not Awang. I was indeed surprised but have to accept for a fact that I am no longer Awang at school but Idrus. I did not know my name is Idrus until that day in school. All the times I am Awang to everyone I know. In those days the Birth Certificate and all other documents are kept by the parent and not shown to the child like they do now, so in my case I am not aware of my registered name until that day in school. Anyway when I am back home everyone still call me Awang and not Idrus. It confusing indeed for a kid of seven years old. Soon I got used to the name Idrus and Awang but as I move on in life Awang faded away and only a few did call me by that name. Well folks, life is like that. 

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