Saturday, June 20, 2015

Just Rambling...

I start blogging in 2003. Had it not for blogging I would not have met so many remarkable man and woman; strangers who later became my friends. The friendship that starts in the virtual world became complete when we met in the physical world. After I retired in 1990 after working in the government for 32 years I actually was trying to lie low and enjoy life just like that but when I took to blogging my whole journey of life was transformed into a new reality. A reality that I never thought would be possible. I had always love to help people in one way or the other; my work  in  the  Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports give me that opportunity where I help to train the young in various aspect of leadership. So when I retired through blogging I found I could extend that by sharing my thoughts through writing with a simple hopes that the ideas and information that I share would help whoever read my blog. My first Blog Pak Idrus's Post [In Passing Malaysian] which contain more than 1400 posting was put as a Private Blog and thus no long seen by the public. With that I started this new blog and now renamed it as ''Pak Idrus's Blog; a Life's Journey. Here I would post any subjects that I like and hope that visitors would continue to benefit from it. At this age my like and dislike has changes somewhat so I would only write things that I think would be of benefit to all. I do hopes that visitors would leave comment which would act as a feedback of my writing. Before Facebook I would get many visitors but now not that many as before but I do go on blogging for writing is a passion and it for my personal satisfaction. If others enjoy reading it I happy with it. 

It changing time and some Blogger have move to Facebook and no longer blog but from what I notice there are real Blogger out there who still write and I am happy with their determination just like me, enjoying blogging. Keep it up folks and enjoy blogging. We must remember whatever posted on FB does not last and could not be found when a search is done but everything posted on Blog would be there as contents on the Web. It could be found whenever one search for information and ideas.  Just search and one would find the past posting on Blogs. With the closing of my FB account I would be blogging more and more and that is good for my mental faculty. Bantering on FB at time gets tense and depressing thus it’s not good for my health. That is one reason why I stop Facebooking. I want to enjoy whatever I am doing and blogging did just that. There is no use getting into a debate like in FB which at time left one depressed which in a way does not benefit anyone. 

Well folks life is like that; so be happy and keep enjoying whatever you are doing and live that moment in time.  Have a nice day.

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