Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Of Belimbing Buloh...

Belimbing Buloh [Averrhoa bilimbi] is a tropical fruits. It tree grows easily in any soil condition thus folks would just grow this tree near their houses. Since the fruits could not be easily obtained in the marketplace it at time became difficult to get it when one want to use it in a traditional cooking or for the making the Belacan sauce with this fruits. It is a very sour fruits and the tree bears fruits all throughout the years especially during the hot season. So when the tree bears fruits the whole tree would be full of these little green fruits. Because it is very sour and acidic it is not eaten right like one does with other fruits. So folks would use it in Sambal Belacan [Shrimp paste sauce] or in the cooking of the traditional Nasi Dagang curry. In the state of Pahang folks there would turn the fruits into a Sambal Hitam [Black sauce] which could be kept for a long time and use as an appetizer. About is an image of one way of using this sour fruits to add flavor to a traditional dish. It is call Tumis Belimbing Buloh. It goes real well with steamy white rice and I loved it.  

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